Keep clean, stay protected.

World Hand Hygiene Day takes place this year on Tuesday 5th May, aiming to increase awareness of good hand hygiene practices, improve patient safety, and – as a focus for 2020 – recognise the crucial contribution that nurses and midwives make in delivering clean, safe care.

World Hand Hygiene Day is important every year but right now, with it being the first line of defence against Covid-19, the directive is paramount.

We want to take this day as an opportunity to share the importance of cleanliness, introduce you to our new Hand Sanitiser range, and tell you about our plans to gift the product to hardworking frontline teams across Leicestershire.

Our Hand Sanitiser is a ready-to-use, fast-acting gel that has been scientifically proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria. Developed by our team of scientists, the gel’s high alcohol concentration, as recommended by the WHO, works alongside active ingredients to create a highly versatile biocide that is effective against almost all known bacteria.

It’s non-toxic, non-sticky, rinse-free, has been tested to the highest standard, and we haven’t compromised on comfort. We know frontline workers are constantly cleaning their hands which can cause dry, irritated skin. So the Hand Sanitiser’s hypoallergenic formula is our conscious effort to reduce discomfort and keep key worker’s hands hygienic and healthy.

There will be four products in the range, a 50ml bottle, 500ml pump dispenser, 1l pump dispenser, and 1l dispenser refill. Once up and running our bottling machine will produce 16,000 bottles per day, across two shifts, meaning over a month we’ll have created 80,000 litres of hand gel.

The World Health Organisation has recognised the central role that nurses and midwives play in clean care and so they are the champions of this year’s campaign. We wanted to extend the message further, to key workers a little closer to home.

”During World Hand Hygiene Day we will be fully supporting the “clean care is in your hands” campaign across all our media channels. We’re pleased to see that the WHO have dedicated this year’s campaign to our healthcare superheroes, who have tirelessly played a major part in creating awareness around the importance of hand hygiene across the globe. We are proud to be supporting the healthcare and food industry providers across 40 countries with our UK manufactured hand hygiene products, in the fight against infection and contamination.”

Perminder Rupra – Managing Director

So, to acknowledge the start of Medipal’s Hand Sanitiser production and to support World Hand Hygiene Day 2020, we’re proudly gifting the first 100 cases of our new range to two Leicestershire charities. The first being LOROS Hospice, a local charity that supports over 2,500 terminally ill adult patients, along with their family and carers. Their compassionate care is free to all who need it, and we felt it was important to gift our product so they don’t need to use vital funds on essential equipment. Our second charity is the Leicester South Foodbank arm of The Trussell Trust. Their dedicated teams provide three days’ worth of nutritious food to local people in emergency situations. As they’re busier than ever right now, we hope our donation will help make their hard work a little bit easier.