International Infection Prevention Week

IIPW fundamentals graphic

International Infection Prevention Week is recognised in the third week of October annually, raising awareness about the importance of avoiding infections and methods of doing so. In this blog, the Pal team are discussing what IIPW is, and how we can help your medical setting honour its principles.

What Is IIPW? 

International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) not only shares information and best practices on avoiding infections, but celebrates the healthcare workers who work so hard to prevent infection through their jobs. The message of IIPW has become even more urgent and relatable in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people outside the healthcare sector look to professionals to model the standards required to keep our society safe and healthy.

The Importance of Infection Prevention 

Emphasising hand hygiene, risk mitigation, and sustainability, IIWP saves lives. Our Medipal division supplies the highest quality surface disinfection and patient wipes, supporting our healthcare clients in reducing the spread of infections like COVID-19. Manufactured in Britain, our products are designed with maximum efficacy, patient dignity, and user suitability in mind. We are very proud to facilitate the incredible efforts of healthcare professionals across the world.

Infection Control with Pal

At Pal, we not only offer a whole range of products to support infection control in healthcare environments, but we add value for our clients by providing additional knowledge and support. Our Medipal Minute resources are free to download and have been specifically designed to model infection control best practices around medical settings. Check out our resource hub for a whole range of free documents, help sheets, and refreshers!

For more information about IIPW, and to talk to us about our products, you can contact the Pal team here.