Medipal Minute: Resources for Infection Control

Medipal Minutes

At Pal, we are committed not just to supplying the highest quality products, but ensuring that our customers are empowered to use them efficiently and effectively. Particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increasing need for widespread education on infection control, we are sharing our Medipal Minute resources. In this blog, we will explain the value of this free information, and how you and your staff can access it.

What is Medipal Minute?

Medipal Minute provides infection control information that is designed to be digested quickly, and implemented in under a minute. These accessible, easy-to-use resources are free to download from our website, and feature useful diagrams to illustrate the information given. Some examples include instructions on the proper use of surface disinfection wipes, the application of alcohol gel, how COVID-19 is spread, and the hierarchy of pathogens.

How Does Medipal Minute Work?

Adding value without adding cost, Medipal Minute is a way for us to share our expertise in infection control for the benefit of our customers and the wider community. Once downloaded, the resources can be printed and distributed to staff, displayed in the workplace, or included in refresher training. They have been specifically designed to be eye-catching, understandable, and suitable for a variety of workplaces and environments.

How Can Pal International Help?

We are the trusted partners of medical settings across the world, supplying solutions that help prevent infection, maintain patient dignity, and empower healthcare workers to continue to provide exemplary care. With our Medipal Minute resources, we seek to ensure that our products are used with best practices, ensuring maximum efficacy and safety. After many years in this field, we know that sharing information and training can make a huge difference in outcomes for both staff and patients, so we want to ensure that we support every user of our products as much as possible.

For more information on Pal’s commitment to infection control and public safety, or to download Medipal Minutes, you can visit our website here.