Wet wipes are a fast and convenient way to keep surfaces clean and sanitised. The different chemistries in our wipes enable them to kill viruses, bacteria and spores on hands and surfaces.

We recommend laying a wipe flat out on the surface you wish to clean, instead of scrunching or folding it. This maximises the area it covers and minimises the amount of contact your hand has with the surface.  

Because a wipe is only as effective as the technique used and you want to ensure each area has been fully covered and decontaminated, we recommend the ‘S’ shaped motion across surfaces. 

And finally, the surface you’ve just cleaned should stay visibly wet for a little while after. The length of time does depend on the chemicals in the wipes and on which pathogens you’re trying to kill.

On visibly dirty surfaces or heavily soiled areas, more than one wipe may be required to ensure the surface is clean and free of dirt and dust particles before disinfecting.

To see the correct way to complete the ‘S’ shaped motion, watch our animation.